Jimmy comes back fic Part 2/3


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This fic is heavily based off this post by the Thommy Goddess Flippyspoonwho let me use her idea <3

A couple of notes/disclaimers: 1. I still haven’t actually seen s5, though I’ve more or less kept up with the plot through tumblr. But there could be (hopefully minor) plot holes as a consequence. 2. As of 5x04 we don’t know exactly what the drugs are that Thomas is taking, nor do we know what happened to Jimmy after he left the Abbey. So, I’m taking liberties. 3. If you in any way like Jimmy/Lady Anstruther as a thing, be aware this part might piss you off *coughs* so read with caution? Idk. There is no character hate though!

As always no beta, so all mistakes are mine.

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Are you sad because you’re leaving

    Or because you’re leaving me?

Hoping was my only weapon

    Hope could give me strength to live.


I let go of all the warnings,

    Promises I gave myself

When your eyes met mine that morning

    I let go of my regrets.


I went farther than I should’ve

    I was foolish and deceived

Never asked if I was wanted

    I deserved what I received.


My mistake was unforgiving

    But you are – my charming prince –

Was the one who saved my soul

    And declared we could be friends.


So the hope has blossomed brighter

    For I’m hopelessly in love

Maybe friends is just beginning?

    Or I’m still going too far?


But you leave before I know it

    And my heart cannot be mend

It’s not broken, no, it’s empty

    There’s nothing to defend.

- MR

Inspired by truly mesmerizing fic The Book of Secrets


From 5x06


Thomas Barrow S05E06 ~ close-ups


"Bunny for Mr. Barrow"


"Bunny for Mr. Barrow"


Video exclusive: Drastic measures for Thomas? (X)


People who don’t have hobbies grow into annoying old people. 

My grandma is so devoid of activities that she does nothing but be a bitch, demand to go out, and complain she’s gone out. 



Honestly - the way he’s looking when he says “at your service” is just

I swear to fuck Ed has zero control over his face.


How could you not ship it??

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